art club mexico city

Art Club Mexico City is a pop-up children's art studio.

We provide outdoor art classes in Mexico City.

If you would like to host an event in your outdoor space, or have the perfect open-air space to rent for pop-up classes, please get in touch!

Photo shows a group of children sitting on the ground with large, colourful paintings in front of th
Photo shows a child smiling at the camera. She is wearing a superhero mask, cape and crown.
Photo shows a student wearing a mask faicng away from the camera. He is drawing.
Photo shows a group of students looking at the teacher. The teacher is demonstrating which side of t
Photo shows a student wearing a mask, painting a tiger on a large piece of paper.
Photo shows two students painting at a table. They are using balloons to print paint on to paper.
Photo shows a toddler painting on the wall.
Photo shows two students wearing masks painting wooden dolls outside.


Tel. +52 56 1124 7496




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