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Are you looking for a private teacher at home? Art Club provides creative classes in native English or Spanish. 

You will provide:

  • a suitable space for the class to take place (preferably outdoors)

  • access to water

  • table & chairs for the students to work comfortably

  • masks for students; masks are required for the duration of the class

We will provide:

  • creative sessions in native English or Spanish as requested

  • all materials

  • an engaging, process-focused curriculum

  • 45 minute class


$1000 per class, up to 4 children per group.
+ transport for the teacher

How to request a class at home:

Request your class by clicking the button below. Check the available times and request the time you would like. No payment will be made at this stage. Art Club will email you with a confirmation email and link to make your payment once your time and class is approved.