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Mobile classes are weekly private classes held in backyards, patios, balconies and roof gardens across Mexico City. 

Classes are taught in Spanish. Sessions are planned according to the age, learning goals and interests of the child.

Mobile Class info:

Class size: We currently offer private one to one classes, or small groups (maximum 4 children).


Age: 4 and up. For groups, age range can be 2 years between youngest to oldest child at most.


Class length: 45 minutes


Class frequency: Once a week for 4 weeks


Pricing: $500mxn per class. This price includes a personal art pack which will be delivered to your door before the first class containing all the materials you will need for the month.


COVID-19 Precautions:

Class size: We are teaching one to one classes or very small groups (max 4 children)

Class location:  All mobile classes will be held outdoors until further notice. In case of rain, we will cancel instead of moving indoors.

Face coverings: Mobile teachers will wear a mask at all times. All adults are required to wear a mask while in the class area. We would appreciate students also wearing a mask during the class.

Art materials: We will supply each student with their own individual art kit to minimise the need to share materials.

Other precautions: No materials are shared between students or houses.

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Mobile Class FAQ:

When do you offer classes? Saturday & Sunday according to availability

How many children can be in a group? A maximum of 4. We also offer one to one private classes.

How long are mobile classes? Each class lasts 45 minutes. Mobile classes are scheduled for 4 week sessions, which are paid for in full up front. Students must enrol for the entire session.

Can I host a class

Heres what you need:

  • An outdoor area (a balcony / garden / patio / roof terrace)

  • Access to a sink / hose / water supply

  • Table(s) & chairs to comfortably accommodate your class

What type of projects can I expect? Students use a variety of art making processes, including collaging, constructing  sculpting, painting, drawing, and much more. We plan a developmentally appropriate curriculum based on each student, and make sure we're providing new, exciting materials and tools for the students to use and explore in their projects.


How much are mobile classes?

$500 per child per class