art & music playgroup

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Join the new class today!

We are excited to announce our new creative playgroup is located in Roma Norte.

The session held outdoors in a private garden with a playground.


The class is for children age 5 months - 3 years with a parent or caregiver.

Art Playgroup info:


Location: Private garden in Roma Norte


Age: 5 months to 3 years


Class length: 1 hour 15 minutes


Pricing: $400MXN per child 

 Miss Joanna & guest

More info: Parents are required to stay on-site to explore the activities with your child. You will find a variety of activities set up to engage with at your child's pace.


You will discover creative activities set up around the garden to explore. Activities may include process painting, clay, mark-making, construction, sculpture, a reading area, sensory trays, a collaborative mural, crafts, and more.

Come ready to share this experience with your toddler, meet new families and have some fun!


*Please dress your child in clothes that are ok to get messy*

We invite special guests to join us to
provide additional activities during each session, these range from music to storytelling to cooking. If you have a special talent you would like to share with the group, please contact Art Club!

COVID-19 Precautions:

Class size: Small group class, no drop-ins

Class location:  All art classes are held outdoors. In case of rain, wear a raincoat and boots.

Face coverings: All adults are required to wear a mask while in the class area. We encourage children to wear masks.

Art materials: Materials are sanitised before and after every session. 

Other precautions: We will supply wipes, sanitising gel and encourage frequent hand-washing. Temperatures will also be taken upon arrival. If you have recently travelled, we ask for you to refrain from group classes for a minimum of a week upon your return.