art club cdmx: Policies

We understand it is difficult balancing family activities & work. 

We do our best to be flexible.  Parents are required to review our policies.


  1. Message or e-mail us to confirm availability in the class or camp of your choice.  When availability has been confirmed we can e-mail you a payment request for the session, camp days or other. Your child is not enrolled in a class until full payment is received.

  2. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for drop-off or 5 minutes late for pick-up, as we have many classes to prepare for and clean after.

  3. We share our building with other businesses. Please help us to respect our neighbours by entering and leaving the building quietly and not knocking on the windows or doors of offices on the ground floor. Our studio is located on the top floor. Once you have pressed the Art Studio bell, please wait for us to open the front door to you. We will not always be able to open the door immediately as there are two flights of stairs between us, but we will be with you as soon as possible. Repeated disruptions may lead to discharge from the class with no refund.

  4. Our classes are held in English. Where possible we will also have a Spanish speaker working with us, however this is not always possible. 


Should your child(ren) need to miss a class, please message or email the studio prior to the start of the scheduled class.  We will be happy to schedule a make-up class (during the same month).  Please note:  Any class that is missed without notice is considered a “no show”. It cannot be made up and no refund or credit will be given for that missed class. It is up to the parent to organize with teacher missed class. 

In the rare event a class is cancelled due to low enrollment, we will either give you a refund or apply the class fee to another class at your option.



Any student found to be disruptive to the program or teachers may be dismissed to the camp/class with no refund. We have a no tolerance policy for disruptive behaviour.



At Art Club CDMX, we prefer to share creativity, not germs.  In consideration for others, please refrain from sending your child to the studio when they are feeling under the weather.  Additionally if your child is too sick for school, they are presumed to be too sick to attend art class later that day. This also applies to mobile classes. We reserve the right to send a child home (or to leave a private house in the case of a mobile class), when, in our opinion that child is ill or risks the health or well-being of other children and teachers.  Please contact the studio to make special arrangements for a sick day make-up session.


If upon receipt of your registration a class or camp is full, we will notify you by email and will place the child on a waiting list.  If we have any cancellations prior to the first class, we will draw from the waiting list in the order that a registration was received. 



Art is messy!  Worrying about keeping clothes and shoes clean restricts the creative process so we generally do not provide smocks.  Children should wear old comfy play clothes and shoes that can get messy. Crocs and rubber shoes/boots are practical and fun studio attire. 



*Yes, we provide mobile art classes at private houses around the city. These can be individual classes or group classes for siblings/ friends. Email to register your interest in a class at your house.
*We have a no tolerance policy for disruptive behaviour during mobile classes.
*Mobile classes are entirely in English.

*Mobile classes are planned for each individual child/group. 

*Teachers may be subject to change. We will notify you if a different teacher is due to cover your class.

*If your child is too sick for school they are presumed to be too sick for their art lesson. If we feel a child is ill or risks the health or well-being of the teacher, we reserve the right to leave a private house. Please contact the studio to make special arrangements for a sick day make-up session.
*Should your child(ren) need to miss a mobile class, please message or email the studio no later than 24 hours before the start of the scheduled class.  We will be happy to schedule a make-up class when possible. If we receive less than 24 hours notice, the class will need to be paid for. 
Please note:  Any class that is missed without notice is considered a “no show”. Payment is required to be made for the missed class. Our mobile teachers travel to each house with specially prepared projects and we have a waiting list of families who would like classes at their house.
*If a class needs to be cancelled due to a staff member and there is no one available to cover your class, the session will roll over to the next week. We will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of any changes to your class and will try to offer you an alternative time.


  • A deposit must be made when booking a party to reserve your preferred date and time.

  • A 30 day notice of cancellation is required to receive 50% of your payment

  • No refund less than 30 days notice.

  • Changing party dates will result in an additional $500 transfer fee, must be done no later than 20 days prior to original party date and is subject to availability.

  • In the event that Art Club CDMX cancels the party date, you will receive a full refund.

  • A party fee covers the art projects, the use of the studio and instructors. Should the hosting family arrive earlier than 15 minutes or stay later than 15 minutes beyond the above stated party time, you will be charged accordingly, $500MXN per 15 minutes.

  • We are not able to offer a space for a piñata.

  • Our studio behaviour policy is expected to be followed during parties. 


Please plan carefully as we do not offer refunds only studio credits. There is  a $500MXN cancellation fee that will be deducted from studio credit. If you have a change of plans a studio credit will be given only if we are notified in writing 30 days prior to camp starts date. No studio credit after 30 days prior to class or camp date. When you register, we hold your spot & turn away other artists. We plan our art supplies & staff based upon your registration. If we are able to fill the spots after the 30 days notice by contacting our waiting list-we are happy to offer a studio credit minus the $500MXN processing fee. Our camps are small and have wait lists, so our policies are to protect our customers & studio. We appreciate your understanding this policy. No refunds or studio credits for no shows. 



Children are allowed to bring their own snacks and drinks to the studio. 



We strive to be allergy conscious and provide a safe environment for your child.  Parents/Guardians are responsible for indicating any allergies or other medical conditions of the child on the Registration Form, and promptly updating us if there are any changes to that information. Parents/Guardians assume full responsibility for their child’s allergies and medical conditions.

All details of a student’s additional needs must be disclosed at the time of registration. Please note that we cannot provide a support worker, but welcome support-workers arranged and supplied by the family. A family member may also stay to provide support to a student during a session. If this is agreed, we expect the supporting adult to work with the child on projects as required.

Children must meet the age requirements listed of the respective programs. Children must be fully toilet trained before attending a drop-off class. During some classes, adults are welcome to attend with their young children. In these instances, parents/nannies are expected to work with the children and to participate in the activities with their children. 

These policies are subject to change without notice.