Studio Art Camp

We are excited to announce a summer partnership with Estudio Roma.

Alongside our regular summer art program, we are now able to offer services to older children and teenagers. This summer, sign up to Studio Art Camp for full access to a working art studio in the heart of Condesa. Work alongside professional artists and learn a range of skills, from oil painting, printmaking and model-making.

Studio Art Camp is perfect for young people age 8-13 with a strong interest in art. 

  • Studio Art Camp runs from Monday - Friday

  • 4 weeks of camp throughout July

  • Classes take place at a beautiful art studio in Condesa

  • Masks are mandatory

  • Camp is taught in majority English with some additional Spanish instruction. All levels welcome, although a basic understanding of English is beneficial.

Click the links below for booking information (you will be taken to the Estudio Roma website).


Week 1
Block Printing


Week 2

Mixed Media


Week 3

Oil Painting


Week 4

3D Design