Studio Sundays!

Join us at the studio for individuals and private groups at our fully equipped studio in Condesa.

Explore drawing, painting, printmaking, resin sculpture, digital art, animation and much more. 

Classes are taught in English by Joanna and are recommended for ages 6 and up. These classes will go more in depth for older students, and can include art history, contemporary artists, sketchbook projects and guide students in putting together a portfolio of their work.

The studio is located in Condesa, two blocks from the park. Classes can be booked for 1 or 2 hour sessions.


Enjoy your Sunday exploring Condesa while your children are taking part in a personalised art class.

Masks are mandatory for all of our classes.


We recommend sending your child with a bottle of drinking water and a snack, and sending them in clothes that are suitable for an art class.

Cost: $1000 for 1 hour or $2000 for 2 hours. The cost is shared between up to 4 students booking together.