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private pod

Are you looking for a private teacher for a group of students?

Art Club provides creative classes in English for all ages. 

Our creative pods focus on your groups needs. This could look like:


  • Art Class - explore materials, processes and fine motor development

  • Social Pod - hands-on learning and creative play

  • STEM sessions - creative science, technology, engineering and math projects

  • A combination of the above

Joanna is a fully qualified teacher from the UK, is graded outstanding in lesson observations, and has a range of experience teaching in schools across London, Brighton (UK) and Mexico City.

You will provide:

  • an outdoor space for the class to take place

  • access to water

  • table & chairs for the students to work comfortably

  • masks for every student; masks are required for the duration of the class

  • a group of 6 (or more) children

We will provide:

  • creative sessions in native English

  • all materials

  • an engaging, child-focused curriculum

  • project based learning

  • 1.5 hour class

  • 4-week course (1 session per week)


$800 registration fee per student (1 time payment for first course) 

$500 per student per class - 6 children per group.

If the minimum group number cannot be reached, the price per child will increase so that the total of $3000 is met per session.

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