homeschool group

Creative Women through History (in English)

45 minutes per class
$1000 MXN per student per month - 1 class per week ($50 USD / £40)

This course is best for age 5+


Each month, we explore a creative woman ranging from artists, architects, designers, activists and photographers. Students learn about their work in fun, engaging ways and create their own artwork inspired by what they see. 

Our January artist is Georgia O’Keeffe.


You will need:

Mixed media or watercolour paper


Bleeding tissue paper

Mini spray bottle

Watercolour paints

Cling film (plastic wrap)

Salt (rock salt is best but table salt is fine!)

Oil pastel


Oil (cooking oil / l/ coconut oil / baby oil - any kind you have at home)

Q-tips (I call them 'cotton buds')

We have previously studied:

Indi Maverick

Yayoi Kusama

Alma Thomas