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Blue Slime

Winter Wonderland Slime

Step 1

Add 3 pinches of power and 5 drops of liquid to the glue and stir. then stir some more... and a bit more.


Step 2

Repeat these steps and make sure you stir the mixture lots until the slime becomes slimy!


Step 3

add snowy toppings and play with your slime!


Step 4

Decorate your jar using the stickers.

Snowy Cabin

​Step 1

Take a look at the materials in your pack and think about the different ways you could use them to create a wintery cabin and garden.


Step 2

Decorate the cabin using paint and paper from your pack. You may need scissors and glue for this (not included).


Step 3

Cover one surface of the wooden board with Foamy. This will be the snowy ground. Decide whether you want to make it bumpy, smooth, and if you want to add texture or patterns using items from around your house. What could you use to make footprints in the snow?​

Step 4

Decide where you would like the cottage to go and push it firmly into the foamy.​

Step 5

Check the pack for other items. Decide where you would like to put them. What can you make with the supplies? I like to use the straws and pipe-cleaners as a fence around the edge - how could you use them?


Step 6

Switch on the light and decide whether you would like it to go. Place it on the foamy but not too firmly as the switch is underneath. Make sure you are able to switch the light on and off when you want to!





* You may need scissors and glue for some of these activities (not included).